Buddha's Birthday

Happy Reverence of Buddha’s Birthday Celebration the 2635th
Buddhist Calendar: 2555          /          Common Calendar: 2011

Nammo Lord Original Master of Sakyamuni Buddha

Respectful homage to World-Honored One,
Who is the gentle Father of the three realms.[3]
His loving kindness, compassion, and wisdom,
Shine all over all directions.
We who show our sincere wholeheartedness
Directly turn to admiration of the Teacher of gods and human beings.

Respectful to the Most Venerable, the Senior, the Venerable Buddhist Monks Nuns,
Dear to the honor of lay Buddhists, Country people, and the honor of Guests,  

Upstream of the time about 2635 years ago, a historical person in the flesh appeared in the world out of peace for the many, out of happiness for the many, out of peace and happiness for gods and human beings. That person is mainly Sakyamuni Buddha, born under a sorrowless tree in Lumbini park – Nepal today.

His descending on earth brings many wonderful phenomena: “His right finger raises up to the sky, his left finger points down to the earth,” and He self-confidently said: “All over the world, only Atman (Ego or Self) is uppermost, all living beings have their Buddha-nature.[4] Atman here indicates human of upper direction and good direction, leading to peaceful joy and deliverance for oneself and the others right in this life, apart from human, there is no a Brahma or God being able to replace.

The Buddha’s birth which is a great pleasurable signal for human life states that the Dharma wheel begins to turn in motion, the light of loving kindness, compassion and insight starts out to spread all over the world. Wherever Buddhism is present is that place there are authentic happiness, peace and joy for the masses if everyone practices doing the good and applying the Buddha’s teachings into their daily life together.

The Buddha has said: “All people that were born on this planet have the same salty tears, the same red drops of blood, also fear swords and scimitars, and also desire to have joy and happiness.” Indeed, Buddhism which is very equal does not discriminate caste and race, those who have enough good conditions to cultivate and practice the Buddha’s tenets lead their joyful and happy lives for themselves and for their relatives and beloved ones in their families right in the present life.”
Anciently as well as now, Buddhism has never had a religious war and never dropped a red drop of blood for anyone. The first conscious thing that in Buddhism is not allowed to kill sentient beings, including humans and animals, means to release animals, nurture and develop one’s compassionate heart for all living things and living beings.
Practicing the Buddha’s teachings, we each vow to go on His joyful and happy path, vow to light up the Dharma torch, and vow to light up the torch of love in order to contribute to bringing joyfulness and happiness for the many on the planet.
On the occasion of the Vesak day in this year, learning the conduct of His loving kindness, compassion and wisdom, we who pray wholeheartedly to the deceased meeting with the disaster of the past tsunamis and earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand pray for the peace world, people in peacefulness, danger of wars, robberies and calamities is gradually reduced by nurturing and developing the compassionate heart, eating vegetarian food, repeating the Buddha’s names, chanting Sutras, sitting in Meditation, giving alms, and releasing animals.

May all of you dwell steadily in and permeate through the light of peace, loving-kindness and wisdom of Lord World-Honored One!

Nammo Sakyamuni Buddha born under the Sorrowless Tree in Lumbini.                                                                  

                                                                                  By Ven. Thích Trừng Sỹ

[1] Ba cõi gồm có dục giới, sắc giới và vô sắc giới.
[2]  Xem các Kinh A Hàm và xem http://www.thuvienhoasen.org/phatdan-92.htm
[3] The three realms comprise realm of desire, that of form and that of formlessness.

Happy Reverence of Buddha’s Birthday Celebration the 2635th (MP3)